Protected Species & Species of Conservation Concern

The law protects many species of plants and animals. Some, such as Bats, Badger, Water Vole, Dormouse and Great Crested Newt are often encountered on development sites. Protected species have to be considered by developers and land owners when carrying out a development, land management or conservation works. They are a material consideration in development planning, and failure to confirm their presence during initial project conception can later lead to programming delays, and potentially an infringement of the law .

Water Vole foraging on a Riverside bank, Hampshire

Commonly encountered species on sites and in the planning process

 We have experience in surveying for all protected species groups, undertaking survey work to the level necessary to fulfil the client's brief, whether this be planning related or land management related. We will work with the client to provide mitigation designs to avoid, reduce and offset potential adverse effects of a project .

These include :
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Great Crested Newt
  • Dormouse & Badgers
  • Otter and Water Vole
  • Reptiles
  • Invertebrates

Protected Species

Hazel Dormouse




Protected Species Licensing

 A number of protected species require survey and/or development licences in order to work with the species groups or affect the species or its habitat. These include for example Bats, Dormouse, Great Crested Newt, and Badgers. A project or development that has potential to impact these species may be required to go through a licensing procedure.   Work on development sites where these species are present is usually carried out under specific Licences, including Protected Species Licences designated under UK legislation. 

Mitigation measures and implementation of the project

At Aluco Ecology we specialise in designing mitigation and development schemes so that the appropriate licences can be obtained, and development can proceed without harm to the protected wildlife. We will work as the named ecologist on a Licence and provide support in delivering mitigation measures and implementation of the project .

Planning Solutions

We aim to help our clients satisfy their development needs whilst taking into account the principals of ecological legislation and policy. The result is development that is sustainable and at the forefront of best planning and ecological practice. We can provide advice for planning applications, strategic planning and land management. From private developers (individuals and large companies) through to Local Planning Authorities and conservation bodies .