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Staged cutting of a works area in Autumn prior to temporary culverting works


Aluco Ecology provides a service from inception to completion. We can provide an overseeing service (Clerk of Works / Watching Briefs) whereby on-site advice is available during site establishment, construction phases and initial operation.
Close liaison with architects, project managers, contractors, archaeologists and engineers leads to effective project management within agreed timescales. We can act on behalf of a client in close liaison with statutory agencies such as Natural England and the Environment Agency.

Aluco Ecology can manage the implementation of ecological mitigation projects including works under European protected species licences.  We are proficient in sensitive site clearance and vegetation management.
Well planned consultation and liaison is essential for successful project implementation and completion.

Access and Interpretation Service

Aluco Ecology can offer an ‘access and interpretation’ service to plan and implement access improvements as part of planning agreements and permissive activities. We can offer guidance to deliver countryside interpretative provision such as site leaflets, brochures, displays and panels. Our photographic library is extensive and we can usually offer provision tailored to the specific project requirements.