Aluco Ecology

Ecological Survey - Planning Solutions - Implementation

Ecological  Assessment

Ecological Impact Assessment is necessary for many planning applications where biodiversity and ecology features have the potential to be affected. Our experienced ecologists have been undertaking EcIAs for over 20 years.    

 Protected Species & Habitats

There are many species and habitats that are protected by legislation and policy. We are experienced ecologists who can undertake survey and assessment of all protected species groups to meet your needs for biodiversity survey and assessment.

 Bat Surveys

All bat species and bat roosts are protected under UK law. If you want to undertake works on or around a building or tree that has potential bat roost features it is likely you will need a qualified ecologist to undertake a bat survey for you. We are registered for the Bat Mitigation Low Impact Licence.


We have a great deal of experience in setting up and undertaking detailed surveys for vegetation, habitats and all protected species groups. Where necessary we have the relevant survey and development licences for legally protected species such as Bats, Great Crested Newt and Dormice.